Greek cuisine on the world.

greek-cuisine-at-greek-islandGreek traditional cuisine around the world.

Flavor and Nostalgia
The taste is nostalgia and memory
The Evia Greek earth with the pure products are ready to be your xanathymisei …

Unused old Greek Mediterranean and traditional dishes from the drawer of his grandmother.

The purity and flavor plays the primary role for us
Our products are a «spirit» of Greek and Mediterranean healthy diet also covers pure cosmetic needs of modern man.

A team of skilled people coming to your site, in Greece and all over the world to cook for your Greek Mediterranean to enjoy meze with ouzo, raki and wine Greek superior quality.

We will take to organize for you and your guests any kind celebrations
like birthday –
business dinner, wedding, and the presence Greek zeimb-im6live music chosen by the bouzouki virtuoso violin guitar etc.

We have a wide variety of traditional Greek products such as:

Oil, honey, jams, olives, ouzo, raki, wine …

Jams ( bergamot – cherry – SOUR CHERRY etc)
Handmade pasta:  Noodles, frumenty, 
Olive-oilPower dry nuts: walnuts, almonds, peanuts  
Legumes: beans lentils chickpeas 
Herbs from the Greek earth: Tea, marjoram, chamomile etc.
Handmade soaps from olive oil
Cosmetic facial creams without chemical additives.

Compositions traditional products in a basket can be sent around the world as a wonderful gift.

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